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  National Biosafety Committee

The National Biosafety Committee (NBC) was established by Government Resolution no. 603 of 20.05.2003 and operates as the national inter-ministerial responsible authority.
The Regulation of functionality of the NBC determines its power and the function to ensure governmental policies in the field of biosafety, acting in particular via issuance of authorizations, monitoring of the GMO-related activities, collaboration with governmental authorities and scientific institutions competent in the relevant sphere. NBC is nominated as a competent national authority that has a duty to exercise authorization attributes and control over for the following activities:
a) GMO uses for contained us;
b) Deliberative release in the environment;
c) Accidental release in the environment;
d) Placing on the market;
e) Research  activities;
f) Import/export;
g) Transboundery accidental transportation;
h) Storage and destroy of GMOs.
According to the Regulation, the NBC has the following functions:
a) examination of notification documents;
b) elaboration of reports, synthesis and information for national and international uses;
c) public information;
d) cooperation with the competent research institutions;
e) maintaining  and publishing the Register of the GMOs;
f) national and international participation.

The National Biosafety Committee operates as the inter-ministerial authority and consists of 14 members, including:
. • 2 members from the national environmental authority, which have the functions of respectively the Chairman and the Secretary of the National Committee;
. • 4 members from the Academy of Sciences of Moldova;
. • 3 members from other scientific institutions and universities with biological or medical profile;
. • 1 member from each of the following national authorities: for economy, agriculture and food industry, health care, standardization and metrology, and from environmental NGOs.

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