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National BCH Strategy
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National BCH infrastructure sustainability strategy

At present there are good premises available to ensure the National BCH Component for long-lasting and sustainable activity and to continue its operation after the Project comes to an end.

A substantial national institutional and legislative base has to be developed in order to accomplish the Protocol obligations. A special regulation and guidelines approved and available will permit to ensure a workable BCH to the long term period. Moldova has also responsibility to sustain the BCH IT infrastructure, security of the system and regular upgrading of the operational systems. Databases of the BCH structure will be updated at a regular way. Created Biosafety Web-site will be maintained and updated with relevant news and information to ensure transparency and public information component. One of the important tasks is to involve qualified and trained during the project local IT personnel to implement the National BCH Network. A series of training workshop will be organized after the project end  with the purpose to train technical skills to people which is in duty to run and manage database and web server. A special guidelines prepared and disseminated will be available to the personnel and the BCH operators.

 To ensure the sustainability development of the National BCH, the following actions will be taken:

• The National BCH Center and Network will be established and equipped with appropriate hardware and software;
• The structure and content of the National Biosafety data and information will be elaborated;
• The interoperability and data exchange with BCH Central Portal will be ensured;
•  The key stakeholders will be trained to ensure the operability of the National BCH;
• The national biosafety legal and institutional framework will be improved to ensure the National BCH functionality and to ensure its self-sustainability for long term.

According to the provisions of the Cartagena Protocol and the Law on Biosafety, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR) was appointed the national authority in charge of their implementation. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources is the national environmental and national resources authority

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MHSP) - as the national authority in charge of public health

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) as the national authority in charge of agriculture and food industry

The National Plant Varieties Council (NPVC) as the authority ensuring implementation of the national policy on appraisal and establishment of plant lists, authorizing their use and ensuring variety protection. NPVC coordinates its operations with MAFI;

The State Committee for Testing of Plant Varieties and the State Seed Inspectorate established to handle certain issues in this area. To perform its functions, NPVC may require from the above two bodies and other MAFI units and services the documentation necessary to solve the problems falling with its authority.

State Seed Inspectorate (SSI) - the authority empowered to control and certify seeds and operating by MAFI.

The National Preventive Medicine Center for Research and Preventive Actions (NPMCRPA) created by the Health Ministry and empowered with the functions to control sanitary epidemiological situation and to ensure continuous information of the public regarding sanitary epidemiological and hygienic situation.

Phytosanitary Quarantine State Inspectorate (PQSI), the authority empowered with the functions to perform external and internal phytosanitary quarantine activities, to organize to locate, localize and eliminate pests and plant disease focal centers, to organize state phytosanitary control.

Major Moldovan research institutes perform research in the area of genetics and biotechnologies within the:

1. Academy of Sciences of Moldova

2. Genetics and Plant Phsiology Research Institute;

3. Microbiology and biotechnology Research Institute;

4. Botanic Research Institute;

5. Zoology Research Institute.

6. Universities: (Moldovan State University: Division of vegetal biology; Agricultural State University of Moldova)

7. Ministries and departments: (Standardization and Metrology Department; National Institute for Viticulture and Vinification)

8. Research Institute for Mayze and Sorghum

9. Research Institute for Field Crops "Selectia"

10.The Research Institute for Fruit Growing

11.Research Institute for Plant Protection and Ecological Agriculture


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